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ECS is committed to advancing the understanding of compost process science, design standards, and regulations within our industry.

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ECS to attend USCC Conference

ECS is attending and presenting at USCC 2022. Join us to learn more about our latest projects and how ECS can support you!

Impact of pH on compositing odor levels


Low-Odor Composting: How to Keep the Smell in Check

How to keep the odors from industrial composting in check.

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COP26 Leaders Call for Immediate Action – Including Composting

Leaders at COP26 identified composting as a key pathway for carbon sequestration.


Large-scale Composting: How to Approach It

Factors to consider when designing and building a large-scale composting system.

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Commercial Compost Facility Construction: Tips for Success

This article outlines some of the key insights we have learned for successful deployment of large scale aerated static pile compost systems.


ECS Facility Audits

Compost operators face an ever-changing array of challenges including new regulations, closer neighbors, more difficult feedstocks, and evolving market demands. Operators often do not have the...

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ECS in the News- Managing Contaminants in Minnesota

Check out this article from BioCycle discussing how one of our customers navigates food waste contamination challenges.

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Oxygen Solubility in Compost: Odor Technical Guide

UK Environment Tech Guide oxygen solubility as it correlates with temperature

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Municipal Solid Waste Organics Processing

This is a technical document for communities considering options for processing organic waste and need more detailed, objective technical guidance and reliable information on the available...


Manage Food Waste Compost Odour Emissions

Is your composting process beset by an odour emission problem? Don’t worry, Nordic Council of Ministers has financed a study providing practical instructions for food waste composting.

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Peer Review Journal

Science of Efficient Composting

How acidity of household waste materials increases initial temperatures in composting process, and can have adverse effects in large-scale composting

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Peer Review Journal

Decomposition Rates with Higher Aeration

Higher pH and faster decomposition in biowaste composting by increased aeration.

Peer Review Journal

Odor Measurement Wind Tunnel

Odor sampling: Techniques and strategies for the estimation of odor emission rates from different source types.

Peer Review Journal

Effects of pH and Microbial Composition

A major problem for composting plants is odor emissions. This research links the correlation between low pH with slow decomposition and the impacts on odors and microbial growth.

Aerobic bacteria that effect bio-oxidation exist in the liquid film surrounding the particles in a compost pile.

ECS White Paper

Forced Aeration Composting

ECS whitepaper providing background and fundamentals of forced aeration composting.

POG Biofilter

ECS White Paper

Biofilter Theory, Design, and Operation

Biofilters provide an important tool for reducing odors and emissions. This paper explains best practices to optimize biofilter performance.