Odor Modeling

ECS can provide odor analysis and dispersion modeling to quantitatively predict the odor impact from operations.

Odor Units (OU) or Dilutions to Threshold (DT) refer to the concentration of an odor where a panel of professional sniffers can detect the presence of an odor (1 OU). Labs such as St. Croix Senses provide this measuring service.

At ECS, we use our odor library and other data along with our understanding of the process conditions to calculate total odor generation. The odor strength (OU) and the mass flow rate of airflow determine the total odor flux for a site. Tools such as biofiltration can reduce how much odor permeates from the site.

Additionally, we can use the odor flux to create an iso-countour odor dispersion model. This modeling incorporates local weather and topography to quantify odor transmission to nearby receptors (human noses). This shows the odor concentration gradient, and indicates at what conditions neighbors are likely to detect odor.

For example, a common approach models the 98% condition – meaning 98% of the year, conditions will not be worse than this condition. Then we identify if any receptors are likely to experience an odor concentration that exceeds a specified theshold such as 4 OU.

Iso-contour odor modeling radius

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