Proven Composting Solutions

Our designs are based on deep scientific understanding of the composting process, our rigorous engineering approach, and our 25+ year quest for continuous improvement.

We are proud of the depth and breadth of compost facilities that we have engineered and built. We believe there is no single system or design so perfect it works in every application. Rather, each facility deserves a customized design and an appropriate technological solution to achieve its process, market and financial goals.

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four zone compost system

Albany, OR

Albany, OR Biosolids

Biosolids aerated composting system in Albany, Oregon.

large compost facility

Yolo, CA

Yolo Composting

Large scale aerated static pile compost facility processing green and food waste, located in California.

snowy facility

Alexandria, MN

Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management

Green and food waste positively aerated static pile composting system in Alexandria, MN.

compost facility in construction

Stanwood, WA

Green Blenz

Reversing aeration system with biofilter which composts food and yard waste from Seattle.

mass bed compost pile

Napa, CA

Napa Recycling and Waste Services

Green and food waste positively aerated static pile composting system in Napa, CA.

Compost vessel tunnel doors

Long Beach, WA

City of Long Beach

Municipal biosolids composting with in-vessel technology to minimize odor.

Aerial view of Freestate Farms composting facility

Manassas, VA

Freestate Farms

Food and yardwaste composting featuring reversing primary aeration and positive secondary.

Hampton Downs compost facility aeration ducts

Hampton Downs

EnviroWaste – Hampton Downs

EnviroWaste’s Hampton Downs facility composts foodwaste and yard waste using a reversing aerated static piles system.

West Coast Waste aeration ducts

Madera, CA

West Coast Waste

This commercial compost facility uses a positive aerated static pile composting system to achieve low odors and rapid organic stabilization.

composting system ribbon cutting

Seattle, WA

Woodland Park Zoo

ECS provided the Woodland Park Zoo an aerated static pile composting system for animal manures.

Composting aeration ducts

Victorville, CA

Athens Services

Positive aerated static pile composting system to process food waste and green waste.

aeration system

Pacific Northwest

Private Commercial Composting Facility

Commercial compost facility using pipe-on-grade positive aeration and automated controls.

biofilter irrigation

San Leandro, CA

Davis St Biofilter

The Davis St biofilter scrubs air ventilated from a MRF.

exterior of in-building aerated static pile compost system with external biofilter

Cobble Hill, BC

Fisher Road Recycling

Positively aerated compost system enclosed in a building with biofilter.

Aeration ducts

Chino, CA

Agromin – Chino

Agromin's Chino facility uses an ECS pipe on grade aerated static pile compost system.

Whidbey Naval composting aeration ducts

Whidbey Island, WA

Whidbey Island Naval Station

ECS provided an automated control system to reduce operational costs for this composting facility.