Proven Composting Solutions

Our designs are based on deep scientific understanding of the composting process, our rigorous engineering approach, and our nearly 20-year quest for continuous improvement.

We are proud of the depth and breadth of compost facilities that we have engineered and built. We believe that there is no single system, mixer or cover that is so perfect it works in every application. Rather, that each facility requires a customized design and an appropriate technological solution to achieve its process, market and financial goals.

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Long Beach, WA

The City of Long Beach

Municipal In-vessel biosolids composting.

Manassas, VA

Freestate Farms

Food and yardwaste composting featuring reversing primary aeration and positive secondary.

compost facility

Hampton Downs

EnviroWaste – Hampton Downs, NZ

EnviroWaste’s Hampton Downs facility composts foodwaste and yard waste using a reversing aerated static piles system.

Madera, CA

West Coast Waste

Positive Aerated Static Pile Composting System

composting system ribbon cutting

Seattle, WA

Woodland Park Zoo // Seattle, WA

ECS provided the Woodland Park Zoo an aerated static pile composting system for animal manures.

Victorville, CA

Athens Services – Victorville, CA

Positive aerated static pile composting system to process food waste and green waste.

Columbia, MD

Howard County, Columbia MD

Aerated static pile composting featuring trench style floors and biofilter for odor control.

Napa, CA

Napa – Recycling and Waste Services

Green and food waste positively aerated static pile composting system in Napa, CA.

British Columbia

Cobble Hill // BC

Positively aerated compost system enclosed in a building with biofilter.

Chino, CA

Agromin Chino

Agromino's Chino facility uses an ECS pipe on grade aerated static pile compost system.


West Yellowstone Waste District, West Yellowstone, MT

Biosolids composting with reversing aeration.


West Garfield County Landfill

Negative pipe on grade composting system.

Arlington, WA

Arlington, WA

Biosolids aerated static pile composting facility.

Sobucynza, Poland

Sobuczynza, Poland

In vessel MSW composting system in Sobuczynza, Poland.


City of Westport, WA

Biosolids composting in containerized vessels.

Rainier, WA

Waste Connections – Silver Springs, Rainier WA

Green and food waste composting with reversing aerated static pile and turned aerated static pile systems.