ECS CompTroller: Optimization Through Automation

Composting is a dynamic, biological process that runs continuously, day and night, and through the weekends. To optimize the process and maximize throughput in an aerated system, the aeration rate to individual compost batches must be adjusted in time increments of less than hour based on real‐time measured temperatures. This is not feasible for human operators using manually collected temperature data. Automation is necessary to optimize the process.

server panel

The ECS CompTroller™ is a fully web‐enabled control system that provides automatic aeration and irrigation control and broad process monitoring. In addition to keeping your aerated process optimized for throughput and odor control, the CompTroller™ will keep your process in regulatory compliance (PFRP) while producing time/temperature compliance records. The operator is given real‐time data and information through a graphical user interface (GUI) hosted on a website so that the process can be monitored and adjusted as needed. This website is multi‐level password protected and accessible via any web-enabled device.

control display

The ECS CompTroller™ system is adaptable and expandable to accommodate a wide range of facility sizes and levels of complexities. It is used in all ECS designed facilities from the smallest pilot system to the largest installations. The software for the ECS CompTroller™ has all been developed in-house and is directly supported by ECS. It is not a generic industrial controls package adapted to the task, but a dedicated application created specifically for control and monitoring of composting sites by specialists who use it every day at over 50 sites worldwide.

The CompTroller™

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