Compost Engineering Services

Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) is the only engineering firm in North America with multiple in-house full-time compost engineers and scientists. Combined, ECS staff have more than 120 years of professional compost engineering and organic waste management experience. Collectively, we have assisted clients in answering questions and solving problems at hundreds of compost facilities worldwide. ​ We offer a unique suite of compost engineering services to help developers and operators make smart choices in development or expansion of compost facilities. All of our compost engineering services produce defensible data upon which succinct interpretations and recommendations can be made, where the goal is to cost-effectively compost and recycle organic waste into high-value compost end-products.

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Figuring out the tonnage we can expect from a newly served community, in order to design a composting facility, is a challenging task. We were very fortunate to work with Tim O’Neil and his team at ECS who provided an in-depth and methodological approach for doing so. The end result is a living model that we can revisit periodically, fine tune and even validate with real life data as collection of green wastes and food wastes expands around our active sites. Benoit Lamarche Project Engineer at Englobe, Montreal