We are passionate compost experts, engineers and scientists

We are relentless in our development of new products and services tailored to meet the needs of our industry and fill the technological void that we frequently encounter.


Tim O’Neill founded Engineered Compost Systems in 1999 to develop and manufacture technology and to provide technical services for large-scale composting facilities.  Tim started in business in 1986 by co-founding Measurement Technology NW with Peter Zieve and working as Peter’s first Vice President of ElectroImpact during its founding years.

In the 1990’s, Tim was co-owner and lead mechanical and controls engineer at Green Mountain with the focus of developing small in-vessel systems.  Since 1999, ECS product and service offerings have expanded in our quest to respond to market needs.  As the name implies, Engineered Compost Systems uses top quality engineering to meet these demands.  To this end, ECS has had the opportunity to build the most qualified group of compost engineers in the industry.

Sister companies of ECS include Thermetrics, which manufactures a wide range of precision instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. Rugged Controls, another sister company, previously named LCI, designs and manufactures durable, multi-channel winch line control, wireline monitoring, and tensiometer instrumentation used in demanding commercial and oceanographic applications ranging from polar to tropical.


Tim O’Neill


Steve Diddy

Director, Business Development

Chris Hibbard

Engineering Manager

Jeff Gorom

Quality Assurance Manager

Chris Anderson

Director of Operations

Charlie Krauter

Lead Engineer

Morgan Faber


Aimee Manderlink

Engineer ​

Baraka Poulin

Business Development ​

Bryce Dinger


Simon Krauter


Heather Graham


Louisa Anderson

Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Costello

Compost Scientist

Sue Bowden

Controller ​

Martin Dinsmore

Heather Hill

Senior Accountant

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Our projects make the world a better place. ​ ​With each facility we divert nutrient rich food waste, yard waste, and biosolids away from landfills and into beneficial re-use streams. We are able to dramatically reduce odor from aged infrastructure and make the area around the composting facility more pleasant to live. ECS is a small company with a collaborative team, which give employees the opportunity to have a meaningful impact.

Project Engineer

About Engineered Compost Systems:

ECS was founded in 1999 to provide technical services and products for large-scale composting facilities. We are technically rigorous, focused on continuous improvement, and offer best-in-class client support. We have developed a strong brand in the composting industry and are the vendor of choice for many industry leaders. Our staff includes engineers, technicians, scientists, administration, and IT specialists. Our work touches on most fields of engineering as well as on biology, chemistry, regulatory practices, construction, and finance. ECS staff share a sense of curiosity, enjoy learning, care for each other and the environment, and are adaptable. Our positive work environment and measurable contribution to a more sustainable future have contributed to our record of long-term employee retention.

Project Engineer Position:

We are looking for Project Engineer with 5-10 years of experience and a degree in Mechanical Engineering. To succeed in this position the candidate will need to have a blend of solid ME design and analysis skills, experience with fabrication and construction, and proven abilities to work in, and lead, small teams of engineers and technicians. Above all, the successful candidate must be highly motivated to deliver projects that meet or exceed client expectations and result in follow-on opportunities and excellent references.

The Project Engineer specific tasks will include the following:

  • Project Management:
    1. Develop, and keep current, and manage project schedules
    2. Coordinate ECS resource requirements with other project managers
    3. Provide status and updates to leadership
    4. Track financial performance, approve vendor billing, and manage customer invoicing
  • Project Development
    1. Work with design engineers to translate contracted deliverables into specific engineering task assignments
    2. Identify and proactively manage non-standard project features and other design challenges.
    3. Ensure that all drawings, specifications, purchase orders, and documents are checked and updated prior to release.
    4. Complete selected design tasks using CAD tools as necessary to optimize productivity
  • Customer Communication
    1. Be the voice of the customer to the development team
    2. Represent ECS in customer team meetings
    3. Create memos to document and resolve issues that arise in the design, fabrication, installation, and start-up of a project
    4. Create status reports as required by contract
  • Vendor Management:
    1. Support the ECS project team in managing vendor performance for quality and timeliness.
    2. Become directly involved if issues arise that require escalation
  • Project Construction:
    1. Manage ECS’s performance as member of the client’s facility construction team
    2. Maintain regular communication with owner’s engineer and contractor, including:
      1. providing installation memo’s,
      2. attending project meetings,
  • coordinating deliveries of ECS provided equipment.
  1. Ensure the QC of the installation of ECS provided equipment using remote and on-site channels
  • Facility Commissioning:
    1. Coordinate ECS commissioning activities with owner and contractors
    2. Ensure commissioning tasks and subsequent reports meet both ECS standards and contractual requirements
    3. Coordinate ECS response to any deficiencies discovered
  • Continuous Improvement of ECS Systems and Practices
    1. Contribute to improving all aspects of ECS’s engineering and business practices
    2. Contribute to the maintenance of ECS databases including the cost of components and vendor services
    3. Contribute to evolution of ECS operations & maintenance manuals
    4. Contribute to the development and distribution of internal memos detailing improved component designs, installation procedures, repair methods, field service techniques, etc.

This position will report to the Director of Operations and will require the employee to work at least three days a week in the Seattle office (likely more at the beginning).  We emphasize remote support of our clients, but we do need to travel periodically to client sites in the North America and possibly New Zealand.  The likely travel burden for this position is 4 – 6 multi day trips per year and a similar number of one day trips.

The specific skills and experience we are seeking include:

  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Strong AutoCAD skills
  • Experience with the design and implementation of large-scale air-handling systems
  • Familiarity with the fabrication of ductwork, fans, and HDPE pipe
  • Experience with industrial construction
  • Power user of Excel spreadsheets
  • An understanding of basic accounting principles