In-Vessel Containers

The ECS In-Vessel Container system provides the same environmental and process controls as the In-Vessel Tunnel systems, but with several unique advantages: these vessels are mobile; they are picked up, moved, and emptied with a roll-off truck. This makes them a good choice for smaller facilities with limited area, sites that may need to be moved in the future, or for facilities that need to minimize construction costs and complexities. This technology is generally best for facilities composting less than 50 tons per day.

Containerized In-Vessel

The Containerized In-Vessel is a modular composting system designed for small to medium-scale composting facilities that require comprehensive environmental control. It requires minimal infrastructure and the modular approach easily adds additional capacity to accommodate growth. It uses the CompTrollerTM aeration control and monitoring system used in all ECS systems and its unique aeration design optimizes compost stabilization and pathogen reduction rates while capturing and dramatically reducing VOC, GHG, and odor emissions. The CompTrollerTM aeration control and monitoring system requires little or no operator intervention during composting, and automatically records pertinent data for every compost batch.

Standard Features:

Aeration ductwork for in-vessel container composting system


The Containerized In-Vessels are fabricated with stainless steel interiors and stainless or galvanized metal exteriors. The 40 cubic yard vessels are designed for compatibility with local roll-off system chassis. The vessels are completely sealed and collect leachate/condensate in the aeration floor that is then drained to a sealed sump. The vessel walls, ceiling, floor and doors are well insulated.


The aeration system provides reversing and recirculating process airflow to control and maintain uniform biomass temperatures. Process air is scrubbed through an ECS designed biofilter built on site. All components in contact with the compost’s corrosive airstream are made from either stainless steel or polymeric materials. The aeration system is designed to conserve energy with variable speed fans, a unique low-friction aeration floor, and adaptive control strategies. Motorized dampers control airflow and direction to each vessel. Damper positions are automatically set by the CompTrollerTM aeration control and monitoring system.


ECS’ CompTrollerTM is an automated aeration control and monitoring system that is operating at all ECS compost installations. It is designed to achieve regulatory compliance; offers operators a broad range of process options; and provides each vessel with independent and automatic control for achieving process goals. The CompTrollerTM is remotely accessible via the web and is flexible, robust, and keeps your data safe.

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