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Madera, CA 2020

Positive Aerated Static Pile Composting System

Capacity (tpy)


Client Needs

Driven by increased organic diversion goals, the Fresno, California regional area needed more capacity for processing organics. In 2016, CalRecycle awarded West Coast Waste (WCW) a greenhouse gas reduction grant, providing the funds to build a facility to do just this. WCW worked with Clements Environmental and ECS to develop a proposal for an advanced aerated static pile compost system that could meet these goals and comply with the stringent requirements of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Today, the facility is converting tons of green waste into a valuable soil amendment and helping the region decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by keeping organics out of the landfill. 

ECS Solution

ECS worked with the client to configure a bio-layer covered, positive ASP to fit their site. The process starts with a Best Management Practice (BMP) compliant mix of yard waste and orchard waste. The CompTrollerâ„¢ control system monitors pile temperature and modulates aeration rates through the process to maintain near-optimal biological conditions. This mix and process control maintains conditions that minimize odors and maximize stabilization. The system utilizes a mass-bed configuration with six zones, each is 30 feet by 80, and has a throughput of 20,000 tons per year.

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