Aerated Static Pile (ASP)

Systems ECS Staff 07/29/2021

You can rely on ECS ASP technology to be an efficient tool to control odors and make great compost. Our systems feature dynamically controlled aeration with the wide range of air deliver rates required to keep oxygen and temperature at Best Measurement Practice levels throughout the pile.  At the same time, they are the most energy efficient ASPs (measured by air-volume delivered/unit of fan energy used) in the industry.  Our dedication to continuous improvement has led to ASP designs that simplify construction, provide uniform distribution of air, are uniquely effective at controlling leachate, facilitate maintenance and operations, and will run reliably for decades. ECS ASPs come in positive, negative, and reversing configurations, and are sized and equipped to best fit your site, feed stocks, and economics. 

Standard Features:

  • Excellent VOC, GHG and odor control using site-built biofilters
  • Condensate management and collection
  • Batch or continuous-flow processes
  • Ability to process feedstocks at irregular loading rates
  • Reversing or single direction aeration
  • Discrete piles, mass-bed or bunker wall configurations
  • Accommodates growth and expansion easily


The aeration system distributes air through the biomass to enhance composting conditions. All process air exhausts through an ECS designed biofilter. All aeration components in contact with the compost’s corrosive exhaust air-stream are made from stainless steel or polymeric materials. The aeration system is designed to conserve energy with variable speed fans, and adaptive control strategies. Motorized dampers control airflow and direction to each pile. Damper position is automatically set by the control system.

Aeration Floors

ECS offers several different below and above grade aeration floors that distribute air through the biomass and are compatible with loading and unloading using front-end loaders. Our In-Slab channel aeration floor collects condensate/leachate, is plug-resistant, and is easily maintained. The CompDog™ floor
system uses an inflatable form to create aeration vaults under an ASP pile. In-floor sparger and pipe-ongrade options are also available.


ECS’ CompTroller™ is an automated aeration control and monitoring system that is operating at all ECS
compost installations. It is designed to achieve regulatory compliance; offers operators a broad range of process options; and provides each pile/zone with independent and automatic control for achieving process goals. It allows the operator to set aeration rates very low (anoxic conditions) if conserving moisture and fan power is the highest process-setting priority; or higher to reduce temperature and increase drying rates. The CompTroller™ is remotely accessible via the web and is flexible, robust, and keeps your data safe.