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St. Peters, MO 2010

Biosolids Composting with reversing aeration and bunker walls.

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It was great to work and partner with ECS on our project. Great process knowledge and always available for follow-up questions. We started up 7-years ago and ECS still monitors and follows our process. Bill Malach Manager, Water Environment Services City of St. Peters

Client Needs:

The City of St Peters had tried different methods of composting biosolids at their site including static piles and turned windrows. They had learned a lot about composting their biosolids and were looking for a technology vendor that would appreciate their efforts and incorporate their findings into a newly designed ASP facility. The challenges included seasonally changing feedstocks, diverse weather conditions, and an odor sensitive site. A proven ASP technology that had automated aeration controls, a heat retaining configuration, and biofiltration.

ECS Solution:

ECS was the selected technology provider via a competitive process and worked with the City’s engineering firm, Black and Veatch, to design the facility. The first priority was to take into account all of the facility’s possible (regional and local) feedstocks and appropriately size the process to fit the site. ECS modeled numerous mixing solutions, tonnages/volumes and recipes to determine an optimal facility size at 30,000 tons per year.

The selected ECS ASP composting system included an uncovered aerated static pile system in a bunker wall configuration with the following major components:

  • Reversing aeration system with in-slab aeration floor
  • Automated aeration control and monitoring system
  • Biofilter

The facility process was designed to retain biomass temperatures during the cold winters, contain all leachate within the composting zone (bunker) and capture it in the aeration system floor.

The ECS ASP for primary composting includes a Low-Friction aeration floor with stainless steel trench covers designed to withstand front-end loader traffic, distribute air evenly throughout the piles, and allow the operator to load and unload material from the composting zones without the hassles of handling above-grade, perforated pipe.

Secondary composting and product curing is done on site using windrows and curing piles. The staff at the City of St Peters are dedicated to maintaining Best Management Practices process at their site. They have received zero odor complaints since start up in 2010 even with a very large shopping center located within 100 yards of their facility.

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Things have been going well and the (ECS) Aerated Static Pile Composting System has worked great…It has allowed for much more efficiency in our operations, produces a more consistent quality product, and very importantly has allowed us to manage the odor issues we had previously. Our markets are growing for finished compost and the future looks bright. We have showcased the facility to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and US EPA Region VII officials and to elected officials from throughout the state during the Missouri Municipal League Convention held in St. Charles County and all who have visited have been very impressed. Russel Batzel Manager, Public Works Services Group St. Peters Missouri

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