Aerated Static Pile Composting Floor Types

Systems ECS Staff 07/29/2021

Aeration floors provide a critical role in aerated composting systems. ECS developed different aeration floor technologies, each with its own set of┬ápros and cons, to adapt to our clients’ unique applications and budgets.

In general, well-designed aeration floors should support favorable process conditions as uniformly throughout the pile as possible, including sustaining Best Management Practice levels of oxygen and temperature. In addition, goals for a well designed aeration floor include:

ECS works to understand a client’s project goals and recommends the optimal floor type for each project. Our experience working with operators over the last 20 years has helped us improve our designs to withstand tough field conditions, efficiently distribute metabolic + cooling air while offering solutions with low maintenance requirements.

trench floor
Pipe on grade floor with ecology block walls
trench floor
Pipe on grade floor with ecology block walls

Compost aeration floors are the critical interface between technology and biology. A high performance ECS aeration floor can reduce the odor and VOC emissions by a factor 10 to 100x compared to a low performing aeration floor. ECS floors achieve this by providing surplus oxygen early in the process and delivering uniform and adequate aeration to keep temperatures below 65C (150 F). Since our first aeration floor in 1999, ECS continues to improve the durability, O&M features, and construction details of our aeration floors used in all our client-owned facilities that we support.

Below-Grade Floor Types:

Below Grade Sparger Pipe

  • Lowest operating cost
  • Lowest long term total cost of ownership
  • High peak airflow
  • Most uniform airflow

Below Grade Low-Friction Trench

  • Excellent leachate capture
  • Lowest fan power
  • High peak airflow
  • Compatible with aerated turned piles (ATP)
Drilling out orifices on our below-grade sparger floor
trench floor
Trench floor

Above Grade Floor Types:

Pipe on Grade

  • Lowest capital cost
  • Best for facilities with:
    • Remote locations
    • Modest size
    • Limited time horizon
    • Low cost labor
    • Existing paved surfaces
    • Temporary locations
Above-grade with ECS pulling-end

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