I Want to Start a Compost Company…What Does it Cost?

Blog ECS Staff 01/13/2021

I get asked this question a bunch. In fact, I got two phone calls asking me that same question today. I love getting these calls. And everyone has to start somewhere (I know I did).

In-building aerated static pile compost system
Surface irrigating and adding moisture to a pile.

One of the guys that called me up today told me he had land, a background in construction, a father-in-law (formerly) in the garbage business, high garbage rates, a need in his community for composting, and the desire to start a new business. (All very good.) He had reviewed our website, sent in the questionnaire and wanted to talk technology. Then, he then asked a very typical question: “how much does a compost facility cost?”

That is a very, very good question…and it’s one that I cannot answer until I can visualize the facility.

So we talked about tipping fees, the difference between CASP (covered aerated static piles) and in-vessel systems, retention time, the odor sensitivity of the site, distance to the city etc. It was obvious that this guy had done some of his homework, and yet still needed some very basic knowledge about the compost industry before he could adequately frame his questions…so I suggested some timely education at an upcoming USCC Operator Training School. It’s the best money that anyone that is thinking about getting into the composting business can spend.