Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) Design Used for City of Seattle Compost

Blog ECS Staff 09/26/2014

In Spring of 2014 the Lenz Enterprises Compost Facility (Lenz) began a new contract to process 35-45% of Seattle’s curbside collected yard and food waste.

The Lenz compost process combines an Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) Aerated Static Pile (ASP) method for primary composting; followed by a turned mass-bed process for curing (without mechanical aeration).

The primary ASP features reversing aeration for maintaining even temperatures in the compost, and in-floor aeration trenches in the concrete beneath the compost pile for even air distribution and condensate/leachate collection.

Lenz Enterprises also accepts manure, land clearing debris, and slaughter house wastes in addition to what comes in from the City of Seattle.

The Lenz ‘Greenblenz Compost’ is available at Puget Sound Area retailers. Lenz also sells topsoil, bark, and mulch. The Greenblenz products are in high demand and Lenz Enterprises works hard to keep up with product demand.

You can learn more about Lenz Enterprises and Greenblenz products here: