ECS Technical Services

Blog ECS Staff 03/30/2021

While Engineered Compost Systems is known for developing, delivering and supporting innovative composting systems, the reality is that we spend the majority of our time providing technical services to help our clients adapt to an ever changing world.

This transition from product-focused to a more service-focused company has taken two decades and is the result of market demand and our never-ending quest to better understand this fascinating field. Few other industries combine so many different technical disciplines, operational complexities, and market and regulatory requirements.

We love it when our clients drop a new challenge on us, and given the nature of composting, we find that they regularly do just that.

Some of our recent favorite questions that we’ve helped clients answer include:

How to certify that 80,000 cubic yards of old compost can pass pathogen control without actually composting it again?

How much additional process control will be required to double throughput but allow the Odor Control Plan to show significantly reduced odor impacts at the nearest receptors?

What process sequence will produce a marketable product when SSO with 6% contaminates is added to otherwise clean feedstocks, and what will the life-cycle cost of this process be?

How to build an aeration floor on top of a landfill?

What should the aeration system specifications be to achieve the stability requirement (respiration rate) of the air quality management district as quickly as possible?

How many tons per year can be composted on an irregular shaped 3.5 acre piece of property?

So now, with some 150+ technical service projects under our belt, we acknowledge that we are firstly a provider of technical services and secondly a manufacturer of composting systems. This makes sense in that a facility is only new once, but it should run for decades. And those decades will bring an array of new challenges to solve.

Please take a look at our every-growing list of Technical Services to see how we can help you meet your challenges.