ECS Compost Fabric Testing

Blog ECS Staff 05/31/2021

You may not think of ECS as a fabric testing company…however we have been just that. When fabric covered composting systems began appearing in North America, both microporous and non, we began obtaining fabric samples and conducting our own testing to determine their affect on compost process efficiencies. Since there was a lack of published data of these fabrics in compost applications, it was hard to understand the pros and cons of these different fabrics and aeration methods.

In early 2013 ECS began a long series of bench and pilot scale tests to evaluate the physical, chemical and biological performance of these different options. Tim O’Neill, ECS President, presented a paper at a USCC Conference titled “Data and Analysis from a Round Robin Test of Five Different CASP Fabrics” that detailed the test methods and data developed in this effort. He also presented his conclusions derived from the analyses. If you have interest in his findings you can look up the paper at the USCC, or give me a call.