ECS at USCC 2014

Blog ECS Staff 12/31/2013

The US Composting Council is holding its 22nd annual Conference & Trade show in Oakland, CA January 26th – 29th 2014. This year’s theme is “Compost: A Nature’s way to grow “. USCC is the largest exhibition for the organics management industry where industry leaders discuss today’s challenges in composting, compost use and renewable energy from organics. Tim O’Neill, ECS President, is presenting “Data and Analysis from a Round Robin Test of Five Different CASP Fabrics.

For years now vendors, including ECS, have developed and sold a range of fabrics and aeration systems to be used in covered aerated static piles (CASP’s).

But given the lack of published data, it has been hard to understand the pros and cons of these different fabrics and aeration methods. In early 2013 ECS began a long series of bench and pilot scale tests to evaluate the physical, chemical and biological performance of these different options. In this talk Tim will show the test methods, present the data developed in this effort and the conclusions derived from the analyses.

Come stop by our booth (404) to meet both Tim O’Neill & Steve Diddy and learn more about Engineered Compost Systems.

*** Tim founded ECS in 1999. He is an engineer and expert in the composting industry. His compost education started at an early age, he learned composting as a child from his father and has made it his life’s work.

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