CompTroller™ Stories: Upgrades Made Sure and Simple

Blog ECS Staff 03/31/2016

The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre (OVWRC) in Pembroke, Ontario has been composting green waste amended food waste in an ECS Containerized In-Vessel system since 2001. The original CompTroller™ 1.0 automated aeration control and monitoring system served them well for over 15 years. But between OS legacy issues and part obsolescence, it was becoming increasingly difficult to upgrade and support.

After years of support, OVWRC didn’t hesitate to engage ECS to provide the upgrade to CompTroller™ 3.0. For this upgrade we developed a new set of installation drawings, built new back-panels to fit the existing electrical cabinets, and provided a new CompTroller™ Server 3.0 with CMS-2 software. ECS sent Charlie Krauter and Jeff Gorom to perform installation, start-up, and training on the new system.

The entire upgrade, including installing panels, re-landing field wires, installing new pressure sensors, testing equipment and providing specific training on the new Comptroller™ software and a review of composting procedures with operators and manager took three days onsite. And the good news is that we can now provide even better support with all the remote access features and diagnostics built into CompTroller™ 3.0

CompTroller™ Control Nodes 2001 versus 2015

New CompTroller™ Server 3.0