Biosolid Composting in Big Sky, Montana

News ECS Staff 01/13/2017

ECS does not own or operate compost facilities, our clients do. It’s the client doing the day to day operations once we start up our equipment and train their staff. After start-up it’s typical that we hear from the facility staff for about three months, and then their questions and comments taper off dramatically as their learning curve flattens out and they gain comfort with composting.

Occasionally I’ll call up or write to our client’s to check in on things. I ask how their system is performing and if an Annual Inspection is warranted and such. I did this the other day with Ron Edwards at the Big Sky County Water & Sewage District.

Here is his response:

Hi Steve.

Good to hear from you. Yeah everything has been working pretty well down at the compost building. We’ve been doing it for about five years now and have developed a pretty good routine in making our compost. We’ve been selling it for $15 a yard and have had no trouble selling all of our compost each year. In fact we’ve got a few retail landscape owners that would buy all of it if we would let them also have it. We have one fellow that does mine reclamation work that loves this stuff and would also buy all of it if we would sell it to him. The best part is that we really have not advertised much at all but we are definitely on the map now for our compost.

I don’t think we need a site visit (annual inspection) at this point unless you are looking for an excuse to come see us to ski.

Take care, Ron