U.S. Military Composting at Home Bases and Rapid-Deployment

Blog ECS Staff 01/13/2012

In recent years ECS has completed two (2) pilot projects for the US Army using the AC Composter™; and has another permanent CV Composter™ installation at the Pax River Naval Base near Annapolis MD.

You can read about the Army’s pilot projects here:

You’ll see that under Technology Limitations there is the following note: A covered ASP may not be suitable for areas with high winds. This is a true statement…ECS addresses wind considerations by supplying anchors, straps and tie-downs as standard equipment with all AC Composter™ systems. However, other precautions (like wind breaks) may be necessary in areas with extreme wind conditions, like those found at F.E Warren AFB near Cheyenne WY.

The AC Composter™ is also available in what I call the Rapid-Deployment model. The aeration system (pipes, fans, VFD’s etc), aeration control and monitoring system all come mounted inside a steel frame (skid). The skid and equipment can be loaded into containers or onto trucks and sent out to disaster areas (hurricane, earthquake, incidences of massive bird/swine mortalities) or advanced military bases and can be sent up in a hurry.