The Compost Council Of Canada National Conference 2017

Blog ECS Staff 12/19/2018

25th Annual National Conference Sept 18-19, 2017

Featured Presentation by Geoff Hill, PhD, ECS Director of Technical Services:

Temperature & The Compost Process: An Exploration Of The Failure Mechanisms Behind High Temperature Composting

Tuesday, September 19th 3:30PM-5:00PM


the composting process in North America is often regulated at the provincial / state and federal level. The temperature of the compost process is only regulated with minimum time & temperature in order to assure pathogen destruction, and in some regions to ensure vectors are not attracted to immature end-product. However, the effect of high temperature on a compost process is rarely discussed and unregulated. ECS has reviewed data from: 1) its >50 operating facilities, 2) literature from peer reviewed lab and full scale studies in Europe, and 3) results from excessively odorous facility… and found highly correlated and explainable relationships between too high process temperature (>65C) and retarded composting rate, diminished quality and excess odor / VOC production, as compared to a temperature controlled process (<65C). ECS will share data on these critical relationships, summarize key scientific publications, and provide solutions for the design and operation of a temperature controlled process.

Please come by Booth 24 and see Geoff Hill. The conference website is here. Geoff can be reached at or by phone at (206) 713-7805.

Let’s give a warm ECS welcome to…

Ross Mazur, Engineer

Education Iowa State University, MSc Mechanical Engineering and Biorenewable Resources and Technology, 2017 SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, BSc Environmental Resources Engineering, 2015

Certifications Engineer in Training (EIT) Certification, 2015 Role at ECS and Experience Summary

We have been happy to welcome Mr. Mazur to the ECS team as of June of 2017. He is already contributing to technology development, installation design, technical service projects, and product support. Ross is also applying his engineering skills to the ECS subsidiary Toilet Tech Solutions where he is working on installation design, product improvement, and project management. Prior to joining ECS he was involved with design and operation of a variety of smaller scale compost systems at farms, universities, and dining operations. Ross’s passion for appropriate technology and organics waste management motivates his work at ECS.