Aeration Demand Testing

ECS offers detailed feedstock analysis using our lab's aeration demand testing service.

compost lab
ECS’ Seattle Compost Lab
Comparing CO2 PPM and Remaining Bio-Available Volatile Solids Percentage Over Time

Actual Aeration & Feedstock Tester

Composting is a biological process, and every feedstock is slightly unique. ECS developed the Aeration Demand Tester (ADT) to conduct lab-scale testing on actual feedstock to:

  • Identify optimal mix configurations,
  • Optimize airflow rates,
  • Measure actual performance characteristics over time,
  • ‘Right-size’ a system.

A handful of compost

Compost Project Goals

Projects often have multiple goals.  ADT analysis can help inform:

  • Rate of Stabilization (CO2 Evolution and/or Solvita)
  • Anticipated Odors
  • Mass Balance
  • pH change
  • Other key process indicators
CompTroller™ data acquisition and control system

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