Engineered Compost Systems – Our Story

Blog ECS Staff 12/28/2011

In 1999, Tim O’Neill saw an opportunity to combine his years of engineering and project management expertise with his love of the planet and formed Engineered Compost Systems (ECS). By 2001 it was a small company with a few successful in-vessel and ASP systems, and a handful of dedicated and happy clients.

That same year, Tim hired Chris Hibbard, mechanical engineer, & Jeff Gorom, a broadly talented technician, and me (Steve Diddy). I had been working for BFI Organics and met Tim while looking for an in vessel system to compost food waste in Santa Barbara. The four of us huddled and mapped out a business plan to change the landscape of the compost industry through new technologies and processes.

First, we wanted to expand & improve Tim’s original in-vessel system line. So we upgraded the container based systems (CV Composter™) and developed the technology for large stationary in-vessel systems (SV Composter™). Second, we set our sights on applying aeration and control technologies to large scale ASP systems. Third, we re-committed to refining our proprietary designs like the in-slab low friction aeration floor, and improving our products, such as the RF TeleProbe™. Continuous improvement has turned into a core value at ECS; most of our designs and products are now in their 4th, 5th or 6th generation.

Late in 2001, we moved, with our sister company Measurement Technology NW, from our overgrown office and shop in Wallingford to our current 8,500 ft2 facility in Magnolia (both Seattle neighborhoods) that includes offices, assembly space, machine shop, thermal testing chambers, and a UL Panel Shop.

ECS and their sister company, MTNW-USA

In 2006 we introduced the AC Composter™ (covered ASP); the CompDog™ (pipe-less floor aeration); and hired Charlie Krauter, another multi-talented engineer.

In 2009 we brought aboard Eric Hake, an “Idaho boy” and mechanical engineer with a background in mining; and new Director of Projects, Chris Anderson, an electrical engineer with a background in aerospace.

2009 was the year that it felt like we really “hit our stride” with new systems, components and a talented team with skill sets that complement each other.

From 2009 until now, the beginning of 2012, we have completed 15 new projects–and have several more on the way. We have helped communities and organizations decrease their footprint on the planet; we have introduced new technologies which make composting easier, less expensive and more durable; and we’ve had some fun in the process…

Composting is our life’s work. It is challenging, rewarding, and it’s not over yet.

Come help us write the next chapter…