ECS Takes On Human Waste

Blog ECS Staff 03/30/2017

ECS is pleased to announce the addition of our first subsidiary company:

Toilet Tech’s products fit our broad mission of bringing innovative technologies to market that provide sustainable management of organic wastes, and also dovetails with our love of North America’s beautiful wilderness.

Toilet Tech’s low-tech high-performance toilets provide sustainable management of human waste at remote sites lacking sewer, water, and electricity. These systems are currently installed and working at 10,000′ on Mt. Rainier’s Camp Muir, as far north as Glacier Bay, Alaska and as far south as Lago Capri Patagonia, Argentina.

Geoff Hill (Toilet Tech founder and ECS Technical Service Director) and Tim O’Neill (ECS President) are both avid back-country enthusiasts; both are dissatisfied with current remote area sanitation practices.

We believe that the so-called “composting toilets” on the market have insurmountable thermal/biological issues that prevent actual composting.

The Toilet Tech approach of waste separation at source overcomes these issues and provides an affordable tool for better stewardship of our natural heritage. Click here to find out how.