ECS and Berks County Jail

Blog ECS Staff 07/10/2012

ECS was recently featured in an article in the May 2012 issue of Biocycle Magazine, featuring our SV Composter at Berks County Jail, located in Pennsylvania. The jail had limited funds from a recycling grant and worked with ECS to find creative solutions to their composting needs.

Food and yard waste from the 260 acre property and the community is composted using ECS designed SV Composter, fabricated by the jail metal shop to satisfy budget. Upon completion of the build, ECS sent one of our senior project engineers to the jail to oversee start up and staff training.

Each door on the SV Composter is wide enough to accommodate a skid loader, dump truck or backhoe; and the building is available to the jail as well as the community to participate in the green efforts of the Berks County Jail.