Customer Support – We Are Here to Help!

Blog ECS Staff 12/24/2013

The Granby Sanitation District, a long term client of ours, called us worriedly. They were concerned whether their CompTroller™ software would run on a new Operating System. Their concerns were completely natural. Many of us have experienced issues with software when purchasing a new computer or upgrading to a new Operating System and we have to be careful that the new OS works with our printers, scanners and other hardware. We connected their Superintendent of Operations directly with ECS Project Engineer, Chris Hibbard, one of our staff that had originally designed the CompTroller™ software and who had worked with Granby since facility start-up in 2005. With Chris’ guidance they were able to move the software onto the new computer’s operating system and pick up the vessels’ process and data recording right where they left off. Granby is very happy about the professional support they received from Chris and the simplicity of the process. Go Granby! We are always happy to help our customers with any issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or if you would like to to share your story TEL: 206.634.2625.

***The Granby WWTP has a stationary in-vessel system, the SV Composter™. They compost biosolids in a very cold and snowy climate. The system has been in continuous operation since late-2005 and produces a Class A Biosolids Compost Product.