Taft, CA 2010

Client Needs

Synagro has been an ECS client since 2006 when they developed their South Kern County Composting Facility for composting biosolids near Taft, CA. Synagro needed a composting technology provider to:

  •  Work with their engineering department to provide third party review of their process design;
  •  Provide wireless temperature probes that would transmit and record temperature data to document compliance with State and Federal time and temperature regulations;
  •   Provide ongoing, knowledgeable and timely facility and process support to facility staff.

ECS Solution

In 2006 ECS provided the South Kern County Composting Facility with 150 RF Teleprobes™ and custom receiving and recording software to record compliance with the USEPA 503 regulations. The installation included facility start-up, staff training, ongoing technical and facility support. 
In 2015 the facility changed their process from a manually controlled negative only aeration to a positive only aeration with automated aeration control and monitoring. ECS supplied our third generation CompTroller™ to provide automated temperature feedback aeration control, temperature recording; and 210 of our third generation RF Teleprobes™ along with installation support, facility start-up, staff training, ongoing technical and facility support. 

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