Arlington WWTP

Arlington, WA 2014

Capacity (TPY)


Technologies Used

  • Aerated Static Pile System
  • CompTroller™ Automated Control & Monitoring System
  • Reversing Aeration System
  • Low Friction Aeration Floor
  • Positive Aeration System POG biofilter

Client Needs:

Like many municipal public works departments, the City of Arlington was feeling the effects of a growing population exceeding the capabilities of its existing infrastructure. This meant, among other things, that the steady increase of biosolids produced at their WWTP would soon overwhelm their Class B biosolids land application program and that a new solution was required. After conducting a thorough feasibility study on various biosolids options the City choose to compost their biosolids residuals and issued an RFP for a new Aerated Static Pile compost facility capable of processing up to 700 dry tons of biosolids per year. 

The RFP requirements included that a single FTE would operate the entire facility using an automated aeration control and monitoring system. The control system would also need to track the compost batches from when they arrived on site until they left the facility; and, produce documentation of USEPA environmental compliance for regulators. 

ECS Solution:

ECS teamed with a local construction company to provide the process technology for a turnkey ASP composting facility. ECS provided the first generation CompTroller™ to provide automatic aeration control of the aeration system for all 16 composting zones. The eight primary composting bays feature continuous variable volume and reversing aeration. Each bay has a fan controlled by a networked VFD. The eight curing bays are aerated with a single fan, manifold, and motorized dampers. All the 480 VAC motor controls for the site are integrated in an ECS provided Motor Control Center. The CompTroller™ software tracks batches as they are moved from bay-to-bay within the facility and provides a complete record including operator comments. 

The facility has been in continuous operation since with ECS support since 2004.

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I’ve been working at this facility for the past fourteen (14) years and the ECS system has been working fine. We process about 70 dry tons of biosolids into compost yearly. The compost produced is used by the City to amended soils in various road improvements and new construction; and is also used for baseball fields, flower beds, rain gardens, City Parks, and the City of Arlington’s Community Garden. Kevin Bleek Compost Facility Manager, City of Arlington

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