Biosolids Composting in Montana — Again

Blog ECS Staff 12/29/2011

I called Steve Briggs the other day to check in and see how the CV Composter™system they bought from us last year was working out for them. Steve is the Chief Plant Operator at the City of Livingston MT Waste Water Treatment Plant.

We got to talking and I asked him why the city decided to start composting their biosolids. He told me that prior to composting they were land applying their Class B biosolids—and the program was starting to struggle a bit. He said, “Land application of Class B is getting more restrictive.” There was a lot of paperwork and testing involved since their method of land application did not incorporate the biosolids into the soil. And if crops were grown they needed additional plant tissue tests. All that, and they were putting 1,800 miles a year on their 3,000 gallon tanker truck.

So Livingston started looking around for other green-options and in the process visited the Big Sky WWTP in Big Sky, Montana.

Big Sky have been using our CV Composter™ for several years and are very happy with it. Livingston liked what they saw at Big Sky and purchased a four vessel CV Composter™ from us last year.

Steve called it a “win-win-win-win-win situation.”

  • The City wanted to go green
  • Their yard waste drop off program was piling up a lot of yard waste they could use as bulking agents for composting
  • They cut down on paper work
  • They reduced their truck miles
  • They were able to obtain grant money because ECS systems are USA made